Wine Shop

Imagine a wine shop that will evoke feelings of an Old World wine cellar, with its dark wood racks and warm lighting. Vino e Amici will specialize in limited production boutique wines from around the world and will also pay homage to the expanding Virginia Wine market. With over 80 wineries in Northern Virginia alone, Vino e Amici will carry an extensive Virginia wine portfolio. And, a special “cold room” will display an even rarer collection of wines in order to maintain correct aging temperature and humidity levels.

The Old World will meet the New World with Vino e Amici’s iPad platform. Guests are welcome to use our iPads which will be customized to provide detailed tasting notes and vineyard information on every wine housed in the shop. These iPads also offer a special wine pairing feature that enables users to search for wines based on flavor profiles or on food they wish to pair with the wine.

Vino e Amici’s wine shop will offer specialty wine-related items, as well as artwork by local artists. And, be sure to treat yourself to organic chocolates produced by a local chocolatier or specialty meats and cheeses sourced from nearby farms.

Wine events such as tastings, classes, winery events, and other celebrations will be held in the Vino e Amici wine shop throughout the year. Vino e Amici will also partner with local Northern Virginia charities help raise awareness and donate a portion of revenues during some of these events.

Wine list coming soon……