Wine Experiences

Private Tastings

Have award-winning sommelier, Jason Meringolo, come to your next gathering and create an unique tasting experience for you and up to 20 of your friends *. Jason will work with the host to create a customized wine experience that is fun, interactive, engaging, entertaining, and educational. Events run approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Heavier food or snacks can be provided upon request. If you are looking to have a full wine dinner experience, we have partnered with local Chef Karen Pawelec, from The Designer Chef. Chef Karen is the former Executive Chef at Trump National Country Club and has done numerous wine dinners with Jason. Packages begin at $60 per person.

Sample packages

Valentine’s Day Any Day of the Year – A global tour of sparkling wines
* Recommended for couples or groups less than 10
* Wines include:
* Champagne
* Prosecco
* Spanish Cava
* New World Sparkling Wine
* Fruit and cheese pairings provided

Take Flight 101 – Introduction to wines
* Recommended for any size group up to 20
* Wines include:
* 3 white wines from various regions
* 3 red wines from various regions
* Various cheeses paired with wines
* The why’s and how’s of food pairing with each wine

Wine Around the World – Compare and contrast wines from different regions
* Recommended for any size group up to 20
* A single varietal (i.e. type of wine)
* 6 distinct regions
* 3 different countries
* Various cheeses paired with wines

Virginia is for Wine Lovers – A celebration of Virginia Wines
* Recommended for any size group up to 20
* Wines include:
* 3 white wines from Virginia
* 3 red wines from Virginia
* Various cheeses paired with wines
* Learn about the history and varietals of Virginia

Brown Bag Tastings – A fun and interactive group experience.
* Recommended for groups of 10 to 20
* Each guest (or couple) needs to bring 2 bottles of the same wine concealed in a     bag and will give them to Jason upon their arrival
* Wines will be poured and tasted one at a time
* Jason will lead a discussion with guests and conduct a blind tasting
* Guests will be encouraged to discuss, attempt to identify the type of wine, and will rate each wine
* Prizes will be awarded to the guest who correctly identifies the most wines, as well as the guest who brought the highest rated wine

Just Desserts – A celebration of all things sweet.
* Recommended for any size group up to 20
* Experience and discover how dessert wines are made and why they are the perfect happy ending to a meal
* Wines to include:
* Semi sweet sparkling wine
* Lightly sweet white wine
* Rich sweet ice wine
* Port
* A red wine surprise
* Wine paired with bite-sized sweets

*All guests participating in the tasting event must be over the age of 21 and have a valid ID. Vino e Amici reserves the right to check identification and will not serve anyone under the legal drinking age.